Speaking + Training



Adam provides practical hands-on interactive training to empower anyone in a position to assist or support a victim of technology abuse.

Examples of what we cover:

  • Overview of the technology abuse landscape

  • Smartphone Security: Quickly secure smartphones, red flags, malicious apps, best practices & preventing future issues.

  • Cyberstalking + Surveillance: Spyware, tracking devices, IoT, social engineering, signs your account might be compromised, etc.

  • Digital Impersonation: Deepfakes, Voice Cloning, Spoofing (faking someone’s phone number, hacking, etc.

  • Revenge Porn + Sextortion: Responding to threats, tech solutions, deepfake porn, take downs of unauthorized images or videos.

Who we train:

  • Universities (Title IX Offices, Student Advocates, Faculty, CARE, etc).

  • Law Enforcement (Officers, Deputies, Investigators, Victim Advocates)

  • Nonprofit (Advocates, Attorneys, Case Managers & more)

  • Government (Social Workers, Court Staff, Investigators, etc.)

  • Elder Care (Senior Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, etc.)

  • Corporate (Human Resources, Employee Assistance Programs, etc.)


Adam offers a variety of focused and eye opening talks on a variety of subjects including:

  • Deepfakes + Digital Impersonation

  • Current Landscape of Tech Abuse: What’s Out There?

  • The evolution of tech abuse: How did we get here & were are we headed?

  • Engaging Men in Gender-Based Violence: This is not a “Women’s Issue”

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